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Nice to meet you, I watched a your work(HE^RT).
I think that the sound of warm EP sound is best.

Have you been affected by Star Wars?

Is the image of the universe important to you for the creation of music for you?

Do you like Max Headroom?

The music that feels science fiction and your human warmth has a completely opposite impression.

Interspace felt like expressing the fight with yourself.
Even if there is no video, there was a listening experience with music with impact. I can be satisfied.

Do you think that not showing a face is an important factor for electric music to stimulate imagination?
Is that mystery an important factor? I feel that cosmic visual expression and mystery are tied together.

Thank you very much for the wonderful music.

Thank you for listening!

Oooooh yeah, I was a mega super duper Star Wars fanboy when I was a kid, little known fact I did one of the first CG fan renders posted on TheForce.Net, one of those Naboo tanks and one of Darth Maul. Disclaimer, that was before we all actually saw the prequels so don't hate on me

Yes, me and Rob O'Neill basically write scripts for each full length album, everything is connected narratively and all the videos basically give out information on the main plot. It's really damn cool and we're trying to our best to turn it into a feature, so fingers crossed people will get the whole story eventually! It's a lot deeper than people think too!

I prefer Ranxerox to Max Headroom

I think masks can go either way, you can ignite some imagination or you can be Marshmello.

Interspace is mostly about musicians that do it for the love of music STILL giving it their 100% and trying to write that One Awesome Song, long after music and culture has been devalued and there is no incentive to keep doing it. SO yeah I guess in a way it's the fight that every artist ever has with themselves