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methods and considerations-songwriting

Almost always I'm noodling a riff or a chord pattern on guitar when a melody presents itself via the voice. Often a phrase pops out that may or may not wind up in the song, but it's a starter. As well I will use the Phil Collins method of scatting gibberish to be converted to actual words later.

That's how I start.

When working the melody through the verse and choruses (bridges) I'll try to be cognizant of the 'sweet note' that melody frequently returns to.

The other thing I think is crucial when fleshing out the melody/lyrics is syllable count. I will literally use my fingers to count syllables as I prepare the verses. Nothing sounds clunkier than cramming extra syllables into a tight place. It almost always means re-wording an entire verse to make it flow with the previous verse.

If using a distinct intro I try to find a way to reintroduce it or part of it later in the song.

The order of the verse/chorus/bridge layout is up to the digression of the composer obviously and no 'rules' exist - but coherence is important for the listeners sake.

Anyway - that's my general method and considerations. I can provide examples (Soundcloud)if anyone wants.