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Thank you for the kind words!!

Long story short, I lived in the middle east for a while when I was younger and I always love researching cultures, proverbs and the musical history of countries, so fast forward to a couple of years ago when I was looking back at some of my notes and I went down the wikipedia link hole.
At some point in the middle of the night, I end up reading Zulu proverbs which I found beautiful and the one quote stood out to me, "Ingwe Idla Ngamabala", which translates to "A leopard eats by means of its spots".
I found that really elegant and kind of rejuvenating, as I was struggling to figure out what I was doing as Starcadian, what kind of music I really wanted to make, if it was worth it, if anyone's going to listen etc. the classic bull**** everyone goes through. And this kind of cut right through all that and told me I should make whatever the hell I want to because I'm the only one that brings what I bring into the table, good or bad and that's what'll define me as an artist.
From there (as you can tell I overthink lyrics and song meanings to death) I wanted the song to evoke feelings of homesickness when you have a love/hate relationship with your hometown, so I put some subtle personal stuff there to kinda of spark the chords out of my brain and it kinda flowed from there.
And by flowed I mean I had dozens of different versions because it had to be just right haha.
Also 3-4 of those were waaaaay too close to 'Africa' and we can't have that in a post 'Blurred Lines' world.