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Old 14th January 2019
Here for the gear

Hey guys, has anyone of you compared a Metric Halo ULN-8 with The New Apollo X?

Yeah I have asbasnowe, and here are my findings and thoughts. For pure clock and conversion quality, I have to give the nod to the Apollo x16. Though close in sound quality comparison, the Apollo sounded cleaner, bigger, more focused with a wider stereo image. With that being said, I have the 2d card and have not yet tried the 3d card for the ULN-8. Also, you have to weigh in the fact that the ULN-8 has pristine mic preamps, can do analog summing and has headphone jacks - all which the Apollo does not have. Both provide DSP with awesome plugins, but the Apollo sold me due to the 16 analog in and outs (I have a lot of analog outboard gear), the +24 dbu operation, 133dB dynamic range and -129dB THD+N. If it weren't for all of my hardware preamps, eq's, compressors, and fx gear, I would have probably stayed with my ULN-8 - it just provides more to the end user and at a high quality level. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to keep both so the MH will be going up for sale - I know I'm going to regret it one day, but that Apollo x16 sounds so got damn good!