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Old 13th January 2019
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Thank you @ theMuzzl3 .

This is still a fun thread with some good info in here, so I'm happy to still come back and read and post stuff.

My usage of Invisible Limiter 2, on the other hand, has thoroughly stopped. TDL's Limiter 6 has become my go to brickwall limiter and has an awesome sounding clipper as well which makes perfect company for the already mentioned beautifully-sounding clippers by AirWindows.

In the end I never did overclock my computer either
I did try out No. 6 quite a bit, 3+years ago. I never determinted that it was not hanging with the good ones, at the time, but it always took me to long to figure things out and dial them in. They are on my list to try again, as I fell in love with Nova and Slick.