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SIR StandardCLIP and Toneboosters Barricade 4 (which has a soft and hard clip, among other input modelling algorhythms,
in the input section + an optional pre-compressor)

These two serve me well most of the time.

BTW: Anyone occasionally using StandardClip in Softclip mode? I do occasionally with very, very dialed in
(max. at 25) IF some additional mojo is needed.
I had tried Barricade at some point (might have been 3), and I found it to be OK but not my favorite. It got smooshed into the large list of "I own it, but haven't loaded it up in a long time." I'll give it another chance.

I will give StandardCLIP another chance as well is it might be better for over-all ability to be useful across a wide variety of material... with drawback of CPU hogging in higher oversample modes.