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Also, just thought I would point out... nowhere in the spitfire section you quoted does it say anything about musical works. It is basically saying you are not legally allowed to use any Spitfire product to make other sounds, multi-sounds, samples, multi-samples, sound sets, programs, or patches in a Sampler, microchip, computer or any sample playback device. You CAN use Spitfire to make musical works. And when you use Spitfire to make musical works they are not required to be registered as Derivative Works, the way Splice does.
I pulled the Spitfire EULA up as an example of what I suspect Splice is trying to's a different use of the word 'derivative.'

Splice doesn't offer any guidance for how to register or who to contact to negotiate song splits, licenses, etc.

They also make it clear that the use of their sounds is royalty free for any commercial purpose other than repackaging or reselling.

It's easy to imagine how they could be clumsy with the term 'derivative'.

It's hard to imagine how they'd make any claim when it's clearly advertised as being royalty free. It's also hard to imagine that they're actually set up to handle the huge number of inquiries, song split negotiations, license negotiations, etc. that they'd need to accommodate if this were their business model.

I totally understand that you're correct re: registration of derivative works if that's what they mean. I just can't picture how a company could take that approach and expect to stay in business.