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Originally Posted by Steph Wellenbad View Post
I'm a big fan of these.

- resolution
- wearing comfort
- isolation
- realistic soundstage/imaging


- quite colored

I made a preset for Steinbergs "Frequency" EQ-plugin. This can be used as last insert within Cubase 9/Wavelab 9/Nuendo 8 and corrects the headphone. It does basically the same as Sonarworks and sounds even better..

I have also an EQ setting for the internal RME ADI 2 Pro EQ.

Works like a charm, try it out if you can ;-)
What a helpful guy you are, thank you.

I don't use Steinberg's plugins but I do have a RME Raydat that comes with some, if I'm not mistaking. Edit: Just checked and it's not the EQ that's needed.

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