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Originally Posted by JayPee View Post
Why don't you post this pic? This is the answer to my question I found on your fb (link here).

I'd say that, measuring sooooo close, I bet your measurement looks like this!

Maybe this pic is not corresponding to the measurement you posted!
No offense, just so we can understand the non floor bounce etc...
good call!

Originally Posted by jason baliban View Post
The measurement was done at my sitting position. Most of the furniture was in the room at the time of measurement.

autsch! - after initial measuring in an empty space (to determine where to go with treatment) measuring is pretty much pointless with not all gear in place and speakers in these positions...

and this big black box is a sub? good if it's firing sideways but by all means, get it closer to the front wall so the woofer is at the same distance from the floor and the front wall!

also watch/adjust x-overs, check/adjust the distance between woofers of top speakers in relation to the x-overs, then measure again...