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seldom looking at numbers but if i am doing edm stuff (itb) then yeah, i clip early in the chain . usually after corrective eq's. definetely more than i clip at the end. limiter is never working too much.

kclip is legit

Have you tried airwindows clippers or compared KClip to others?

Have you tried clipping before and after limiter?

What types of things do you place after your first clipper?

Would you hardclip before or after softclip?

KClip was my go-to for a long while. I was impressed when I switched to StandardCLIP... and I was actually shocked to determine that something could be better than KClip.

Both of those are very nice, but I have since then switched to airwindows OneCornerClip, ADClip7 and (rarely) NC17. And, again, I am shocked... especially given that they're free.

The reason for switching is mainly to use less CPU, but I would argue that they also sound possibly better (opinion) in many cases and the algorithms in place are more efficient than the normal practices of "oversample it 256 times and then its better," that I used in the past.

I do like the multiband functionality of KClip 3 Pro, and I'll mention ClipShifter in this line, but I find it to be not my go-to tool any more. Both for CPU, and over-all sound quality for settings that are getting it as loud as possible before starting to break.