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I don’t think Sonarworks software is The Holy Grail and I never expected any kind of miracle.

My studio wall rooms are not parallel. There is almost two feet of length difference between both pairs of front walls. Furthermore, the ceiling is not flat but vaulted (as a scalloped guitar fretboard). As I previously mentioned the room treatment is rather good but far from being perfect. The result, at the listener position, is an obvious bump (+5dB) between 120/270 Hz with produce a nasty muddiness. This bump is accompanied by moderate dip at 540 Hz (-3dB) and a second very narrow dip 110 Hz (-2dB).

After calibrating the room and inserting the Sonarworks software in my main bus the listening experience at the listener position has become radically better.

I agree with you that It would be absurd to try to correct a whole room with a software and I think it has never been the Sonarworks purpose. In my particular case, to get only a good sweet spot is enough for me because my studio, although rather well equipped, is not designed for commercial purposes. And yes, when I want someone to listen to my mixes, I invite he/she to sit down in my own chair. It’s the only sweet spot in my room, although I should indicate that people in general doesn’t seem to be too much concerned by these “details”.

Finally, I’d like to respectfully mention that being a Doctor Mechanical Engineer (music is only a hobby for me) I have some idea about the nature of the standing waves.