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There are 2 other variables in the mix that renders this whole test invalid:
1. The DAC > we don’t know what merit to award to the DAC as it always needs an ADC to record it back into the PC resulting file.

2. the ADC > we don’t know what merit to award to the ADC as it always needs an DAC to PLAY it back in order to record a result file.

The test premise asumes that we know “what good looks like” while in reality we don’t, to explain

If a DAC and ADC are “+1” as a result file we don’t know if
Dac was 0 and ADC 1
Dac was -1 and ADC 2
Dac was 1 and ADC 0
Dac was 2 and ADC -1

We don’t know, hence the result is meaningless, you CAN not award ANY quality to individual components from this test.

The best way to describe this test is that a certain combination of ADC and DAC provides the deepest correlation (meaning most true to the source, assuming that the right things are measured in the first place)

This then reduces this test to a “brute force” mix and match combination fest, where in theory an onboard AC97 DAC with a Behringer ADC might give you the “best” result.
The “results” posted are the sum of DAC, ADC, cabling, local interference, impedance, thd, gain staging skills etc. > meaningless and not valid to award ANY qualities to individual components.
You are right, this is not for individual components, it's useful to have an idea of the overall DAC->ADC quality.

This is perfect for people that uses outboard, you need to go out and in again.

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