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I believe that you gonna love the PCM as it's one of the best choice to compliment that amazing reverb. But there are several kind of Lexicon's magic. If you wrote a more modern type of orchestra and looking for something to compliment the Seventh Heaven, the PCM Bundle is a great choice if not the best. But if you are then addicted like me, you'll soon looking for the other variants. Especially if you love that big percussion washed in reverb or those nostalgic strings, charismatic brass, meditative flute with a more vintage character. Soon you'll want the 224/480 as well.
I agree with this message. Also the Relab LX480 is the perfect model of the hardware. That's my go to. So incredible.
Having the Lexicon 96 plugin, Seven Heaven and LX480 and all your Lexicon needs are covered.