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I'd never really gotten on with the CS3 and then I figured out why. Someone in the plugin analysis thread found that it adds low rumble as you subtract it. Something about that being the noise of a DF1 biquad. Try around page 88 if you want to read it yourself. The Pro Tools eq 3/7 does that too. I ran the test on the UAD Cambridge and it passed. Andy from Cytomic gave a lot of info on the problems these old DF1 biquad plugins have. Testing compressors was a lot more complicated. What I love about the DFC is that it is so responsive. You don't end up needing a ton of deep features.
I've read the same thing about CS3. I confirmed the rumble. I know its there. But damn, I get great results out of that plugin. Love it. Over and over, I'm very happy mixing through this thing. The workflow is amazing.

Just so you know, the rumple isn't audible (about -95db. You can see it with analyzers. But honestly, we would never know its there without looking.