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@ TNM said:

You'd think for such teasers of the "future", they could, no would, have put 8 chips in there.. However, I guess 6 is still better than nothing as far as upgrades go.

Also a real shame IMO that they missed the opportunity again to make their adat input 16.
This is a limitation likely related to the FPGA. Gannon at UA has said so in posts on the UA Forum.

Note that UA has said that there will be some further improvements in the future due to upgrades of the FPGA in the X series. So you might have a firmware update that provides 16 ADAT channels at up to 48 kHz sample rates.

Also, Console 2 is almost three years old. Some of the other limitations like headphone bus and aux counts may be improved when Console 3 roles out. Who knows, maybe even MIDI support will finally come to Console?