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Here for the gear

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Here's a tune I did as a tip o the hat to the great 60's dance instrumentals I dug so much as a kid.

The Slap by Kevin Ibsen - Listen to music
Love the guitar and your drum fills are nicely married to the groove.

Felt like the horns weren't quite as strong in the middle section from 1:20 to about 2? But that's actually a very positive criticism, because if your guitar is going to sparkle like that in the beginning, and it does, you raise the bar for the horn section in the middle, so you're gonna need a little bit more wailing to compare? That said, you don't want wail-fatigue in your audience, so there needs to be some kind of modulation. Maybe bring everything down a notice more so it's quiet, get-low kind of vibe in that section and then the horns will be more prominent?

You def captured the vibe, but with much better fidelity than my old scratchy records from that era.