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Most traders loose.

You're going to compete with people that are doing it many many years.

You will suck for a long time and probably forever.

Are you prepared to loose money for a few years? Do you have money to loose so you can learn?

If you still want to try it, you may want to look at crypto markets. It's (maybe) just about to bottom out some time in 2019. Bullruns in bitcoin and altcoins are pretty remarkable. ...and dangerous as it's 99% scams. At the craziest points you get like 100x gains on some random pump'n'dump worthless garbage. People chase that (preferably on leverage) and loose. For trading it's said that crypto is more predictable because there is more dumb money in it than in any other asset. But even then it's hard to earn money by trading it in a long run. When bear hits the market, it's deadly for all the geniuses that thought how clever they are based on the crazy gains, leaving them with heaps of 98% losses.

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