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This is a completely opened question. I do all manner of things to get different sounds from different cymbals. It depends on why type of washy and how washy I need something. If I just want some addition spread, I'll play with the tip near the edge of the ride I'm using. If I need that Grohl etc 90s was, I ply the edge of an amazing 60' 20" A Zildjian crash. Faster more "punk-ish" I'll play the edge of a 17 or 18 crash. Wash, but not loud, and maybe a slower song, play the above 20" like a rid cymbal, with the tip, about halfway between the bell and edge.

Good cymbals all make a variety of tones, and the key is to learn the different tones each of your cymbals is capable of, and use that knowledge to your advantage.