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Old 21st December 2018
Here for the gear

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what about the akg k-812?
I have one. That's very, very good mixer headphone.
Tried before an Eon and a Ultrasone Signature Studio as I did want a closed back. The EON is simply a consumer headphone thats very coloring the sound to please the consumer and the Ultrasone was aggressive with a far to wide field, just as there where on both sides metal echo spaces. After this bad acquaintance I increased my budget and bought the AKG 812 with open back for the edit work at home and use my old AKG k550 on location.
The 812 is probably not the best but really belongs in the top segment.
It gives a very stable stage, giving you a precise positioning of the musicians, instruments or otherwise. Sound is very neutral, close to reality. After about 200 hours of use it seems even better, but that can also be the adjustment of my ears to the properties of this thing. In short, very recommended.