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Originally Posted by Saxplayerz View Post
Pushy salesmen at vintage king says today is last day of the sale. Despite the Dec 31 date mentioned online.
I just went to the VK site and it says ends 12-21-18. But never fret... it is an SSL England manufacturer deal. Sweetwater has it through December 31st. I got the same type of deal on mine, but did the purchase mid 2016 and the price has increased somewhat (hasn't everything?) I feel that it is still a great board for the money. The SSL modules are over $1k each, so that is well over $8k right there ($8,552 to be exact). I'm not trying to sell an XL Desk to you, just giving food for thought from a loyal and happy owner. I've always had really great service from the latter mentioned retailer, who I purchased mine through (drop-shipped from SSL directly to me).

Back on topic, the board is very functional and serves my needs perfectly and leaves me wanting nothing. You just need to decide if automation and DAW control are important for you. For me, they were not nearly enough to step up to an AWS console and its price.

EDIT: Oh, and I was able to tell them what modules I wanted with it too. I'm sure you could do that as well. I got 6 of the 611EQs and 2 of the 611DYNs, as I already had 2 of the 611EQ modules. Worked out well.