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Doug, if I'm reading you right, as you increase the volume your perception is that compared to the main pair alone you get:

Nothing (add gain) - Nothing (add gain) - Nothing (add gain) - Nothing (add gain) - WHOA TOO MUCH!

I have a similar problem sometimes when I take a DI from an electric piano (that has it's own speakers on stage) and add it to what's picked up by the main pair. My trick to give me that subtle enhancement of the percussive nature of the instrument is to EQ it drastically to get the bit I'm looking for, and then add that in at relatively low level.

So I'd suggest listening to the main pair alone, and deciding if you're missing anything on the tympani in the first place, and then if you are, don't be shy about butchering the spot mic sound to get just the elements you want (EQ, gating) and try adding that in. I also find that if I'm adding reverb to the overall mix at all that the spot mics can sometimes be sent JUST to the reverb to enhance the overall sound.