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This was a very fun thread to read! Especially since I was a lead designer and programmer for the Andromeda. I'm troubleshooting a problem with my unit and I found this thread. Mine is a pre-production Andromeda with the Debug interface hardware and a programmer cable. I hauled it out of storage when I got my ProphetX and surprisingly, after 20 years it came back to life. But only for a little while! I'm chasing down a situation where the pots work in the self test mode but don't really change the display or path parameters.

I don't know if I will continue on to the end of this repair because these are so old and they're really not that dependable in the long run. As well, even though I created it, I am not a fan of the UI! Ironic. I will probably sell this puppy at some point.
First post! Welcome! Do you do anything in the synth design field anymore? The Andromeda really needs a replacement (I guess the One could be considered a replacement). Anyway, glad you're here, feel free to throw in some stories and such from the original process you went through to create this beauty.