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i’m in the exact same position, in LA. constantly on craiglist trying to find studio space for rent, but no progress. i have no idea how people funded building a modest sized work space. someone who can lend their knowledge please chime in!
It seems such a leap. And finding the right place is hard, especially at a reasonable price. Places I contact don't want anything to do with a business that makes noise lol.

My current plan is moving out into a studio that has rehearsal rooms. They don't have bands in during the day so I plan on renting a room for 12 months there. It's just an empty room so it needs treating etc but at least it's a starting point and it means I don't have to track people in my house which I just think comes across unprofessional and it's an intrusion on my family's privacy. I'll have to rent other studios for drums but at least it'll mean I don't have to rent a studio for the entire process.