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How did you go about setting up your first studio?

I've spent most of my time doing the modern thing of having a mixing room in my house. It's treated and I have top notch gear but it doesn't help me when it comes to recording bands.

Few quick questions:
  • So how on earth did you guys with studios get yourself in a position where you could fund and maintain a studio?
  • How did you first go about getting started?
  • What sort of overhead costs do you have each month?

I have bands wanting to work with me doing recording, but have no studio. So I'm constantly renting studios to do the work. At the end, there's not a huge amount left. It's my sole income so I'm in a chicken/egg situation where if I had a studio I could make more money, but ultimately I don't lol.

Don't have any saving right now as I quit my job 4 years ago to do this full time and I've invested in treatment and a solid setup.
  • What were your stories in how you branched out or set up a studio?

I'm based in the UK.

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