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It is Thunderbolt 3 with a 40 gigabyte....Only USB-2 but still 40 GB under TB3. If it is for studio application, no great distance and no need to control a large amount of devices then why not? Just need a compatible motherboard in your PC. PC would need to be fairly recent

Go for it. can you do an extensive review detailing the aspects that make this a great interface as well as (if any) the drawbacks? I found the website to be cryptic and somewhat leading. Couldn't find any pics of the reverse side of the interface. I see it has a diagonal paint face that indicated it is meant to be rack mounted above a companion multichannel mixer.

Just like my interface, which runs via USB C to C the Antelope 32+ is not well described, plus I see prices varying from 1500 to 3000. What is the appeal? I see no quality description anywhere. Plugins look adequate but the interface itself seems hobbled by inadequacies. Such as no or very few i/o indicating it needs to be run behind an equally pricey mixer. Not really my cup of tea as a solo artist streaming at max 41000 hz, with no financial stake in the art I'm making and if not a desire at least a lack of anonymity toward the potential desire to topple the economically conceited class in this world.