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Thanks Greg, that's an excellent and most helpful outline you've given here ! As you suggest, it is a bit arse-about, in terms of assuming that mic type/spacing/angle is predetermined, when in fact you'd tend to decide on that after making Performer Angle measurements ? However if I attend rehearsals there's usually enough time for the necessary to and fro-ing.

Is the 75% measurement sufficient to give good image spread in speakers....or is the 100% better in that regard ? The bomb-sight grid is excellent for working out the angles in short time....for that alone it's unsurpassed ! I still won't leave the measuring tape at home, especially for wider spacings with Omni mics.

I like that your mic placement method still relies on in-ear (ER4) empirical judgement for best sound, before going to the app for the optimal widths and angles: the best workflow possible

Thanks again for the very clear instructions and background info....much appreciated, I'll give it a go this week with a local choir !

Out of interest, have you tried the free Neumann equivalent, cited in post #15 above ? Despite not having the camera performer angle feature, it offers easier adjustment of the mic type/angle/spacing parameters...the 2 could work well in tandem ?