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I've bought too many plugins and decided to think 10 times before buying another one, so i wanted to help a fellow in that regard (difficult to do in BF and the end of the year! just fell with Soothe and Kazrog True Iron but nothing else xD).

I was thinking about buying a Bricasti, but already own a 480L, PCM70 and PCM80, so i feel am covered in the V2 "vibey style" algos from the M7.

Maybe i'll think again when there's ready the V3 M7, with super realistics algos, right now i feel too lazy to buy a V2 and then make the upgrade to V3 by myself.

Wonder if there's much difference between V1 M7 algos vs SH or another realistic ITB reverb.

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Hi Daniel

True Iron looks interesting just took a look at that, well priced.

Looks like you have a nice selection of outboard, agree you have the real deal there which many of the M7 v1/v2 presets are developed to emulate. I find the v2 presets are brighter more dynamic than the v1 which I use for acoustic recordings like classical guitar and softer vocals. Otherwise I mainly recall v2 presets and adjust.

Yes very much looking forward to v3 although it's taking it's time.

Going to take the plunge today and get the 7th Heaven.. should keep me occupied over crimbo..