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Do you own a Bricasti Daniel.. or plan to buy one.

I've bought too many plugins and decided to think 10 times before buying another one, so i wanted to help a fellow in that regard (difficult to do in BF and the end of the year! just fell with Soothe and Kazrog True Iron but nothing else xD).

I was thinking about buying a Bricasti, but already own a 480L, PCM70 and PCM80, so i feel am covered in the V2 "vibey style" algos from the M7.

Maybe i'll think again when there's ready the V3 M7, with super realistics algos, right now i feel too lazy to buy a V2 and then make the upgrade to V3 by myself.

Wonder if there's much difference between V1 M7 algos vs SH or another realistic ITB reverb.

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