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Valhalla Plate is a great plug -- very versatile despite nominally being "just a plate reverb", because it provides a dozen distinct algorithms (named after, though not really modeled after, different metals) with different characteristics involving attack, color, stereo imaging, etc. Some of the algorithms are more faithful to physical plates, some lean more toward chambers. Sean Costello explains it all in a great series of blog posts on the Valhalla site.

Valhalla Plate shines on anything percussive -- drums, percussion, piano, some acoustic guitar tracks -- and on many vocals and vocal-like (e.g. sax) tracks. And like all Valhalla plugs it has a nice library of presets, a clean, usable interface, no-hassle installation and authorization, and a very reasonable CPU hit.

I've only demoed Seventh Heaven, but I remember it as being gorgeous, with a natural, mixable character and a lot of subtlety in the tails.

You really can't go wrong with either, though since I believe Seventh Heaven was developed specifically to emulate the Bricasti, if you're looking for an ITB M7 substitute that might be a logical first choice.
Perfect! Thanks for the nudge.. I'll be buying V Plate later today and I think along with 7th Heaven because I'm very intrigued to hear a comparison with my M7.. plus you only live once “and need something over Christmas”..

The V Room may also be something to look into with a demo any thoughts on that although it’s pitched more as a convolution rev.. that right?