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Old 16th December 2018
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Roland Go Keys Display Repair

Hi there,
I was curious how it looks inside my Go Keys and so i opened it. Good news: Only type of screw. Bad news: Cables are self-destructing when opening the case :-/ The flat cable of the display is too short, so you can lift the top part only a few degrees. In this state you have to release display-cable, before you can lift the top completely. I didn’t know that, so I destroyed the cable. Luckily Roland Customer Service did sell me a new Display for around 30€. Replacement was easy. Please enjoy the pictures.
Overall, I love the Go Keys, but I think it is handicapped by Roland by purpose. Sound is weak in the lower notes, there is virtually no bass, like it is flattened with an EQ. Maybe Roland is afraid of being too good with this cheap model.

Best whishes,
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