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Moving out of my Living Room

Thing is: I am pretty limited by my actual studio, even with the complete freedom of a living room. I decided I move to a decent space and professionalize what I am doing a bit more.

Things that limit me:

- Cant use a subwoofer, that does not make it easy with the techno i make.
- Treating the room has limits where I am
- I got Neighbours
- A renting contract that excludes "a professional music studio" (for what ever reason)
- I can not tax deduct the working space I am in.

However, I ended up with way to much equipment not to set it up professionally and I need to move my work to an office as well. So I started to look for places where I could build a studio, supported by my daily work, switching to more work for audio companies anyway.

In order to get some support with this, I am writing this report. Building a studio is a pretty expensive effort, and I hope to avoid some general mistakes, not only looking at the usual suspects of concerns (like room treatment) but as well on general ideas. Throw them at me. I just decided a bit of a crazy thing.

I aim at setting up correctly what I have and then buying what I need/desire. I stumbled in from the low end theory forum, so please do not throw me to the lions for my gear.

What I want to set up.

- A bunch of synthesizers.
- Drum machines
- About 10 working condition FX devices
- Around a small digital mixing/recording console I own
- A ITB mixing desk to get mixes done in a different environment from recording
- Extra office space with good storage capability (problem atm: my living room is a storage right now)

Investments upfront:

- Time and Money for location search
- Insurance
- Rent / 3 months deduction
- Basic Room Treatment
- A mixing Desk (wood, not the ssl 9000 one)
- Cheapish 19inch cabinets
- Probably more Cables and Patch bays (looking for a smart layout here)
- workbench (basic electronic works)

Longterm Goal: buy the right console for the whole thing.

I will keep you posted about updates and I am happy about suggestions.

Recording ATM