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Room sound is a limiting factor but I have 2 rooms I can experiment with. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more mics to choose from!

I’ve been looking further in to the M88 and I’ve read on another post that although it does have nice high frequencies, it can sound muffled and bassy in the lower end. Probably due to the proximity effect, but I’m not too sure.

The PR-40 is another option I’m now considering. how would it hold up in terms of getting that crisp sound I want in comparison to the M88?
I don't own one, and have very limited experience with them. I have seen and heard them a couple of times. I would call them "super crispy". But again my experience with them is very limited. It does get excellent reviews for the most part. Looks like a very nice microphone. Certainly a more modern design than the other 3 under recent discussion. Seems to be known for quality of both the highs and lows, with what we used to call "presence" and "fullness".
Those two qualities can contribute to a mic having a "big" sound.
I'd say if you have any sibilance, or a "wispy" sound, in your voice then probably the wrong mic. If on the other hand you have a smooth, or a "dark" sound to your voice, probably a good match.

PS The more I look at the PR40, the more I believe it may be just what you want. There is after all sometimes inspiration to be had from working with good tools. If this mic looks like something you think you'd feel good about using, I'd say go for it! Good luck.

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