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Here for the gear

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If room sound is any issue at all, then the M88 or the RE-20 would be preferable to the 421. And both reach a little higher in the frequency spectrum, although I don't think the region above 17KHz is particularly useful for vocals. But admittedly I am old school. Maybe people like hearing that in a vocal these days. If they can.......
For studio work, RE-20 is a big and impressive looking mic, and does help a lot with reducing proximity effect (maybe another thing however that is desireable today haha). M88 is pretty generic looking, but does deliver the goods sonically.
Not that it matters, but I prefer the older variants of all three mics. The new ones are not quite the same. But still nice mics.
Main thing is, in a poor room, the M88 will work best, then RE-20. (PM9 better than both on that too, but....) Good luck
Room sound is a limiting factor but I have 2 rooms I can experiment with. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more mics to choose from!

I’ve been looking further in to the M88 and I’ve read on another post that although it does have nice high frequencies, it can sound muffled and bassy in the lower end. Probably due to the proximity effect, but I’m not too sure.

The PR-40 is another option I’m now considering. how would it hold up in terms of getting that crisp sound I want in comparison to the M88?