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Old 14th December 2018
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Intel JHL7440 Titan Ridge Thunderbolt 3 Controller

At the beginning of the year Intel released 3 Titan Ridge Controllers for Thunderbolt 3. Of particular interest is the JHL7440. This is a dual port controller that goes into peripheral devices like audio interfaces. Why is this interesting?

1) Dual Ports
Everytime an interface is released with a single Thunderbolt port I get disappointed. No interface is able to max out the bandwidth of even Thunderbolt 1.

2) USB-C
It is just criminal for an interface coming out in 2019 with MiniDisplay ports for Thunderbolt.

3)Compatibility with Host computers with no Thunderbolt but with USB-C
Previously the host computer could use the same port for multiple protocols, peripheral devices had no such ability. A Thunderbolt interface could only function as a Thunderbolt interface when connected via its Thunderbolt port. With this feature an audio interface could even function when plugged into a host computer supporting only USB 2.0 using a USB-C to USB-A cable but with limited I/O count and functionality. The ability to scale up or down to fit the performance of the Host is a huge benefit.

Official Press Release for Titan Ridge