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Those DIY speaker cabinets are cute!
But perhaps you could have built an ISOBOX with a speaker baffle directly?

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No problem.

I built it. It's just a 3/4" MDF box. Inside I built a little stage for the speaker cab to sit on and I built in 2" of rockwool on uevery side, including the top. The two main amps I use are a Deluxe Reverb and an AC15 so I built some cabs for each of those and loaded them with the same speakers. I also have just chunks of wrapped rockwool that I keep in the cavity around the mics. All that rockwool is really necessary for getting rid of the boxy comb filtering as much as possible.

I also put the ISO box itself on some of those thick rubber appliance feet and the cab inside sits on some of those as well (they're like softer hockey puck kind of deals). Helps with the low end rumble.

The ISO box itself is just a white thing in the corner.

So when I'm tracking, the actual amps are out by me and I can sit at mix position and just listen to the sound going to tape through the monitors. Works really well.