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I haven’t used the Logic stuff but yeah, it sounds like a sim to me. A good sim, but a sim. But at $1200 or whatever it is, it’s a real, real expensive sim. And that doesn’t even count that you supply the amps.

If I was gonna go the sim route, I’d do the Kemper, which I also bought and returned (twice). I think it’s on the same level sonically but it’s a better deal. Neither of them sound as real and dimensional as my ISO cab setup so I stuck with that. Plus, I keep two dynamics, a ribbon and an LDC in the ISO and those options are invaluable to me at mix time. I think I’m just not a sim guy. Everything flattens out and gets indsitinct and phase smeared. Real amps, even in an ISO cab, have a punch and a dimensionality that I’m not willing to sacrifice.
My only gripe with the grossman audio iso box I used to have, was the massive eq cut I had to do to get it to not sound as if in a small box. After the iso box, the kemper and ox, I'm back to real mics in the room