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I haven’t used the Logic stuff but yeah, it sounds like a sim to me. A good sim, but a sim. But at $1200 or whatever it is, it’s a real, real expensive sim. And that doesn’t even count that you supply the amps.

If I was gonna go the sim route, I’d do the Kemper, which I also bought and returned (twice). I think it’s on the same level sonically but it’s a better deal. Neither of them sound as real and dimensional as my ISO cab setup so I stuck with that. Plus, I keep two dynamics, a ribbon and an LDC in the ISO and those options are invaluable to me at mix time. I think I’m just not a sim guy. Everything flattens out and gets indsitinct and phase smeared. Real amps, even in an ISO cab, have a punch and a dimensionality that I’m not willing to sacrifice.
If it’s not too off topic I’m curious what your isobox set up is like? Purchased or diy? Pics would be awesome if it’s available