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Yeah The Exocist was really good, almost too good. Too creepy for me a second time. Curious if the others hold up since sequels are often poor (although with the trend in recent years of sequels and "franchises" that's getting better).

I'm on a time travel movie kick now, just watched Predestination. The overall concepts (once they are revealed) are unique and interesting, but it doesn't make up enough for the overall movie which IMO just wasn't very good. I wouldn't say it was a waste of time to see or it was terrible and if you're a time travel nut it's definitely worth it, but that's it.
Exorcist III was very good. It's a murder mystery type movie with a demonic twist. It's very suspenseful and quite gripping.

Exorcist: "The Beginning" was also excellent. It's the prequel to the original. It fills all the gaps nicely. The cinematography is very well done.

Dominion is another prequel but essentially follows the same story line as "The Beginnining" Why they chose to do a remake of it makes no sense to me. It was good but "The Beginning" was much better IMO.

The last disc in the collection is the Exorcist Director's cut. Same movie but with all the scenes that didn't make it into the theatrical version.

Overall the collection is worth it if you've seen only the first movie.