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I just bought the OX -- using it with a Bad Cat Cub IIR, Suhr Badger 30, Komet Concorde, Schroeder DB9, and TwoRock Custom Reverb Signature, all connected to an amp & cab switcher so swapping between amps is instant. The OX is replacing a Palmer PDI-03 which has served swimmingly up until now.

In a word: impressive! I've heard a slew of recordings and comparisons and I don't believe I've ever heard one that properly illustrates what this box can do. The magic comes from the interaction of it's excellent reactive load, speaker and mic modeling (not IRs) and the great sound of the room channel.

It can sound merely ok, or even bad, depending upon how you mix amps with speakers and mics, so it does NOT make you an instant engineer. It takes the same kind of experimentation that an all-analog guitar rig would require, finding a complimentary blend of all the components, but it lets you do this so easily that swapping components takes very little time and effort.

UA properly modeled the speakers, mics and room, and the load is great at taking the incoming signal, and the interface is smart and fast.

I've been staying very close to all of these amp recording options for almost two decades and this is one of the most solid improvements I've made to my workflow in that time. It's expensive, but money well spent.