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Old 10th December 2018
Someone asked me last week if having a $10,000+ microphone really makes "any difference." I thought about it and had to admit that yes, it does. Could the questioner actually *hear* the difference between a $100 mic and a $10K mic? That's debatable. He was not an engineer. But it definitely makes a difference. In terms of the "value" that a singer feels when singing into a mic. But it's not all psychological.

If I asked you as an artist if you'd like to sing into the $7000 mic that Amy Grant sang into or use a $200 clone, which would YOU pick?

(Honestly, as an engineer, I'd insist on using the mic that sounded best on the artist in the studio at the moment, regardless of price or heritage. I've done it — picked the SM7B over the Telefunken U47.)

If there was no difference, then old microphones would be just that — old. But instead they continue to increase in value. There's a reason. And it's not just greed.