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Old 10th December 2018
1. Look in Reaper Prefences - midi devices to make sure your keyboard shows up there. If not, look for the USB driver for your keyboard at and install it.

2. Once the device shows up in Step 1 (indicating Reaper can find it), set it to Enable (*not* control).
While you are at it, Enable the Juno entry in Midi Output section also.

3. Arm a track for recording, then right-click the level meter, select Midi input - Juno - All Channels

4. Click record on the Transport. You should see a midi item in the track being recorded.

All the above is for getting Midi INTO Reaper.

5. To feed Midi from Reaper, back to the Juno, click on the Routing panel on your Midi track, and select (on the top right of the routing window) Midi hardware output. Select Juno - All channels.

Use the transport to play back the Midi you recorded. Sound should be generated by the keyboard when this happens.

Note: If you want to record the audio out of the keyboard into Reaper, that's another thing. The Juno has capability to do simple stereo audio through the USB also, but I don't know much about it.

Another note: The Juno DS has 2 USB ports. One is strictly for a thumb drive - Make sure you are using the correct port.

A last note: Spend a little quality time with the Juno owners manual. Roland manuals aren't great, but it's the best place to start. Reaper also has a manual.

I highly recommend you watch the Midi videos on this page once you get things going:
REAPER | Videos