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Old 8th December 2018
I did some more research on the cable issue described in the above post, searching for anyone who may be selling a good USB C to USB C cable and came upon this Verge article which talks about the USB C Cable problem, how none are standard and they are capable of burning out and destroying a laptop. Be careful out there Interface users. Turns out the thing shutting off with the OEM M Track cable is a good thing. While the Windows may not be getting the same power draw from the Samsung cable

I had figured it had to do with some RAM or Buffer issue and the length of the cables. However if you read the article about the USB C Cables it will probably put a little fear into you about ever substituting a non OEM cable in your devices. Reminds me of some phone charging troubles we have been having. I think M Audio has to look into this.

"The Verge" article for more details on unsafe USB C cables blowing laptops away: USB-C cables are playing Russian Roulette with your laptop - The Verge
and this list of USB C compliant cables:
USB-C Compliant Cables - Nexus 6p, Nexus 5x, and OnePlus 2 USB Cables
(and those aren't Type C to Type C cables)