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Old 8th December 2018
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I actually did a demo of the M Audio M Track 8x4 today. made a livestream and edited it down to a video. Mostly dealing with using the thing in OBS here is a link to my review/demo.
The interface seemed to solve a problem that I have been having with my old Fast Track Ultra 8R in my ASUS GL702ZC (Ryzen 7 1700 8 core laptop). Here it is shown to immediately require a buffer resize and nothing else. A quick fix compared to my FTU8R which goes to static and requires the entire DAW to be shut off, then the interface to be power cycled, then the DAW reopened.
The interface is run via USB C to the USB C port on the ASUS in this demo.
I bought this, and the 2nd day trial is more interesting by far, look for it it is the next video in my uploads, and created the day after this one. Though I warn you the raw unedited footage is full of verbal abuse to no one in particular the viewer, so don't take it personally. It is still uploading at 00:41 EST SAT DEC 8 2018. BUT, it should be uploaded within an hour or so. It is an upload of the live stream in which I discover that, at least in my case, in Windows 10 on the ASUS ROG GL702ZC, The M Track 8x4 can not be used via the provided cable from the box, but only using a 40cm Samsung T5 USB C to USB C drive cable (which is what I had used in THIS EARLIER UPLOADED video, to save the unopened cable status). THE NEXT DAY (Friday, yesterday), I tried the provided cable and you can clearly observe what I discovered in the 2:00:00 of live stream footage from that day.

Though my ASUS GL702ZC IS TYPICALLY a VERY BUGGY LAPTOP, which I have had several problems with, which could be part of the problem seen, It doesn't change the fact that you will still very clearly be able to observe the same difference in the two cables I did in the 2:00:00 test. In that video the first glitch from the provided cable is at about 5:20-5:50, and the cable replacement is after 1:33:00 about. The glitch happens 10 times between 5:00 and 1:30:00, and not at all after the provided cable is replaced with the Samsung T5 USB C to USB C cable.

Synopsis being that M Audio should include a Samsung T5 cable with this device. If you know anyone at M Audio, better tell them about this for me, and if you are from M Audio personally, make the check for product testing and reimbursement out to me at cash out.