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I'm sizing up Ableton Live for a purchase. I still currently use Reaktor and have been for a while, but my main issue with it has been the way it integrates into recording platforms. Also having to make duplicate files saved outside of a session.

The demo version of Live doesn't have the full Max4Live library so some of the tools I was hoping to check out (especially the mono sequencer) aren't included I'm going to have to wait on trying them out.

I'm curious what you guys experience with it has been like. I would especially like some feedback from those who have worked with Reaktor. Does it give you anything that you consider a crucial part of Live as a whole? How well integrated into Live is it?
I use quite a few MFL MIDI tools and also some MFL audio effects, that I think have high quality. Many are free but I've paid for several as well. Some came with the MFL installation or come as packs with the MFL license. I have Standard plus MFL. you don't really save any money not using Suite that come with MFL, but I can't be bothered even dealing with it. I got what I need.

To me Reaktor is a great instrument environment and while you can have audio effects and MIDI tools there as well they are within Reaktor. MFL devices are used wherever you want them. While you likely can do that with Reaktor it's not something I do.

I don't think I've encountered even one MFL instrument that amounted to anything, certainly not compared to Reaktor.