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I agree the rights can be confusing to someone who has never dealt with them before. But they are important and are there for a reason. It's to ensure the creative people who create music are compensated so that they can sustain themselves and continue creating. While this might be a hobby to you... you could be using music from someone who does not view music as a hobby, but makes 100% of their living from it. And so they need to protect their property and their rights to earn a living off of that property, even if you do not earn a living off of your properties that you create.
I agree with this premise. What about old music -- where the writer(s) is dead? Not so old as to fit into "Traditional" category. But new enough that a publisher is still collecting tolls?

As for "modern requirements," the old processes fit a world of sit-down meetings with lawyers, drafting agreements, negotiating fees etc. The modern world consists of more automated systems enabling minimum friction and maximum alacrity in implementing ideas and ultra rapid distribution. Numbers for the song writers could be (and possibly are) just as big in the new world. But why should this exclude "small time" operators who could pay what they're worth, which would be a pittance by comparison, but if implemented by electronic systems, could easily scale to fit everyone's needs -- and put in a commensurate amount of compensation. I don't see this as a zero sum game for song writers. If anything, it would be additive, bringing in revenue that would be uncapturable with old, manual processes.

Just trying to be open minded here. There are a lot of creative professions trying to figure out a way forward. Professionally, I am also a creator and have experienced the hammer of forces brought on by the internet. It's not going away. We just have to figure out what will work. What will NOT work is sticking our heads in the sand and insisting the old way is the best way.