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Fair use might be stretching it. I get the ownership issues. I guess I'm must sighing with exasperation that the old model doesn't fit modern requirements.
What modern requirements? Maybe I'm missing something here? I don't see how what you are doing is outside of the current model?

I'm hoping the PROs are able to provide a seamless and cost effective way for small-time creators to cross the right t's and dot the right i's when it comes to music rights.
just for educational purposes for you and others reading. The PROs have nothing to do with securing licensing rights for use. They only cover performance uses of the music, not synchronization rights.

It's hard enough understanding the rights, much less figuring out a way to pay for them. It's not like I'm some fancy Madison Avenue agency buying rights for a Global Domination, Inc. ad campaign. More like Joe Schmo in a home studio experimenting with ideas with a minuscule budget and no revenue. /rant off
I agree the rights can be confusing to someone who has never dealt with them before. But they are important and are there for a reason. It's to ensure the creative people who create music are compensated so that they can sustain themselves and continue creating. While this might be a hobby to you... you could be using music from someone who does not view music as a hobby, but makes 100% of their living from it. And so they need to protect their property and their rights to earn a living off of that property, even if you do not earn a living off of your properties that you create.