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Here for the gear

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With all due respect, you must be insane. I work for a dealer that sells Antelope and almost ALL the units come back faulty or the customers have unresolvable issues with the software not working with their mac or PC. Antelope support is renowned for being dreadful, slow and incompetent. We try to steer people away from these products and the people who go against our advice soon come back to say we were right, then buy something from a brand that takes their customers seriously.
I'm not sure what you are talking about, I have an Orion Studio 2017 interface working perfectly on my 2017 iMac. No issues at all. Also every time I've contacted live support or by phone they have gotten back to me very quickly. Setup is simple. Again, I really cant believe that every unit antelope makes comes back to your friend. Many pro level people are using Antelope with great things to say about them (time to start thinking out of the box and stop listen to your friends). To be honest, every brand has their issues . Antelope is offering the best converters and preamps for the $$$ with free plugins that sound great with excellent clocking. And they just dropped their price for Black Friday to $1995.00 for 12 mic inputs with 124db dynamic range a/d converters. Not going to beat that. The guitar effects have a killer sound.