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More like Joe Schmo in a home studio experimenting with ideas with a minuscule budget and no revenue. /rant off
I think you pretty much answered your own question. There is no money in this, so why would anyone invest any time in trying to come up with a solution to make it easier on "Joe Schmo"?

For guys like you, the stock/royalty free market is the solution for buying music for picture.

Popular music = Big $$$ and it's not the PRO's who are running the show for what you want to do, it's the publishers who control the rights and sell popular tunes for mega bucks.

I'm not saying it wouldn't be nice but I can't think of a good argument for implementing the monumental task of administrating and monitoring thousands of little youtube videos for a few cents-dollars each... where is the benefit to them?

Why do you feel like you should be able to cheaply license a popular tune? Just because you have no money?

Think about it this way, I got lucky and wrote a hit, it's climbing the charts, a big movie trailer company just approached me to use it for this years big summer block buster, they want to pay me $XXX,XXX - I say yeah that's great! But just so you know I'm also licensing it to everyone who wants for $XX as long as they aren't very popular and don't make much money, but I'm happy to take your $XXX,XXX as well! Don't think it would fly?