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Fair use might be stretching it. I get the ownership issues. I guess I'm must sighing with exasperation that the old model doesn't fit modern requirements. I'm hoping the PROs are able to provide a seamless and cost effective way for small-time creators to cross the right t's and dot the right i's when it comes to music rights. It's hard enough understanding the rights, much less figuring out a way to pay for them. It's not like I'm some fancy Madison Avenue agency buying rights for a Global Domination, Inc. ad campaign. More like Joe Schmo in a home studio experimenting with ideas with a minuscule budget and no revenue. /rant off
If you don’t have any money, do not use other people’s music.

Create something new just for your videos. One piece to use for the intro, one piece for the outro, and then something simple for the middle.

Have you ever seen “Seinfeld”? A composer made all of that quirky music with the slap bass and effects. Do something original like that. It sure beats this “poor little me” rant you have going on.

Your original music could be requested from other people to license and then you would be able to charge license fees and make money.