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Old 4th December 2018
Here for the gear

I've been trying to find any density and acoustic information on this product. It seems like they're working really hard not to provide this information... I did find this:

Thermafiber NRC & STC Data (this seems to generic Thermafiber info based upon product density; i.e. if our product is X thick, this is the NRC):

Walls and Ceilings (your go-to source for all wall and ceiling news...) wrote an article stating UltraBatt has an STC of 30:

I have a feeling this stuff is exactly the same as SAFB but repackaged / branded to compete in a different (cheaper) market / application. I'm debating on taking a chance on it. It's so much cheaper and easier to get ahold of. I wish someone smarter than me could chime in and let us know if it's any good.